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Do I need a piano at home for my child to learn from?

When your child first starts learning to play the piano, a keyboard (with 66 keys and touch sensitivity) is sufficient enough to begin on. However, I do highly recommend getting a piano (or an electric piano) when they are at a Pre Grade 1 (prep test) standard because they need to have the feel of real piano keys underneath their fingers. Also, to feel proficient at an instrument it is far better to have the real thing in the home.

Do I need an instrument for virtual/online lessons?

Yes, you need a keyboard or piano at home and a good internet connection. I will send you a link for the lessons via Zoom (or preferred video calling application).

What is the length of a piano lesson?

Each lesson is either 30 minutes or 45 minutes in length. I recommend 30 mins for beginners and 45 mins for those working towards higher grades.

How much musical knowledge does my child need to have?

None if they are a complete beginner. I teach them all they need to learn, i.e. music theory, piano playing skills and performance techniques.

What are Grades in music?

Piano grades are a way of formally assessing an individuals’ instrumental playing skills. Grade 1 to 8 are available to take via ABRSM/Trinity/LCM exam boards

It is very important to realise that Grade 1 is not an easy exam. Beginners have to master a lot of stages of learning to get to their Grade 1. There is a pre-grade exam that is available to take before Grade 1, and it is a good experience for children to play in front of an examiner. It can take around one to two years, with an excellent  practice routine at home, to get to a pre Grade or Grade 1 standard from a beginner stage. Then after, a grade can be taken every 6 months.


How much are piano lessons?

20 minute lessons are £10

30 minute lessons are £16

45 minute lessons are £22

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